Crafting Bytes sponsors, hosts, and organizes three meetups in downtown San Diego. Two are at our office and one is at a different bar each month.

Crafting Bytes offices:
501 West Broadway, #515,
San Diego, CA 92101.

San Diego Software Architecture Group

2nd Tuesday of the Month – 6pm

This is a meeting of software architects from around San Diego. We meet once a month and discuss our technical challenges, learn new topics, and have an informal discussion on how we design solutions, lead large groups of engineers, and provide value for our organizations. This is an advanced group intended for senior developers and software development leadership.

San Diego Nerd Beer

3rd Tuesday of the Month – 5:30pm

If you’re a software developer, database professional, or UX Engineer, come have a beer with us. We’ll choose a new brewery/bar each month, somewhere in downtown San Diego. A lot of us are introverts, so we’ll give three general topics of discussion just in case you’re short on small talk. We might talk about a recent AWS outage, a hacking incident, a new technology that just got release, or some new corporate drama. The idea is to have a beer around 5:30pm, hang out for an hour or so, make new nerd friends, and then split. Nice and simple.

San Diego Technology Immersion Group

4th Tuesday of the Month – 6pm

This is a book club that meets once a month. We study one topic over a period of several months. In the past we’ve studied Linux, T-SQL, Javascript, Angular, C#, and Entity Framework. Please join us! All are welcome!