Pragmatic Works

Crafting Bytes is proud to be a new partner with Pragmatic Works.

There are three products we love in their catalog:

  • LegiTest ~ A unit testing tool integrates with Visual Studio. It will tell you when a particular data value has changed, how it compares with historical values, and how it compares with a source system count. This is invaluable to database transaction developers, report authors, and data warehouse professionals.
  • Pragmatic WorkBench ~ Allows you to quickly build and developer SSIS and SSAS packages. Also includes documentation features as well as performance monitoring.
  • Task Factory ~ So many great addins for SSIS, it’s tough to know where to start. We like the SalesForce connector (to use SalesForce as a data source or destination), Rest Source and Destination (a much better way to handle rest services and JSON), and Fact Table Destination (a fast and easy way to upsert into fact tables).