Recent Projects



BaseSpace Sequence Hub is a cloud-based genomics analysis and storage platform that directly integrates with all Illumina sequencers. The apps run in Docker on AWS. We helped them improve their ElasticSearch functionality, as well as some enhancements to the portal written in AngularJS, ServiceStack and NHibernate to a MySQL-based backend.



ChromaCode is a startup that allows companies to assay 20+ targets per sample using their existing real-time PCR instrument. We wrote a ReactJs front-end and a NodeJs backend, that talks to the analysis software written in Python. The whole thing is continuously delivered to AWS.



Crafting Bytes helped to develop the Inovise desktop software platform that works in conjunction with their innovative Acoustic Cardiograph hardware device. This project was developed in WPF and leveraged advanced screen rendering and performance optimzations to display large volumes of cadriograph waveform data.



Magnaflow is a leading high performance automotive company. We helped to bring Magnaflow’s internal and external technology stack inline with modern development practices. This included upgrading existing MVC based web applications to modern client side javascript frameworks including ReactJS. We also help to support cross platform mobile applications built in Xamarin.



NetTranscripts is the leading transcription solution for Law Enforcement agencies. Crafting Bytes supports the NetTranscripts technology eco system. This includes SQL Server based data stores, cloud based infrastructure in Azure, web applications in ASP.NET WebForms and native iOS and Android applications. We are migrating the web applications to Angular 2.

La Mesa RV

La Mesa RV

The Nation’s largest RV retailer asked us to create a website that showed their inventory for all web browsers and mobile devices. They wanted the site to load quickly, have smooth page transitions, and be modularized for SEO. We vastly decreased their load times, their SEO is now top in the nation, and users constantly compliment them on their site.



Splice is a file sharing application for music producers in the Electronic Digital Music (EDM) space.  Splice already had an OSX/MAC version of the product.  We wrote the Windows version.  It’s a modern Microsoft .NET WPF application.


Universal Club Systems

Universal Club Systems is a fully localized international gym back office system, based on Angular 2 with a .NET Core backend. This was written in a short amount of time with completely automated Gherkin specifications.


For the Month Of Photography LA (MOPLA) launch party, we created an interactive installation that transformed HD signage
or projection into a real-time digital experience featuring Instagram photos.We built it with Microsoft KINECT.

NY Giants

A Microsoft KINECT-based interactive display used during the pre-game and halftime show of regular season football games.  It allowed
users to post photos to Instagram and then those photos were streamed to the big stream.  The team had large,
full size screens that users could interact with as they walked by.


The Google marketing division needed a multi-touch application with a natural user interface that showcased the clients that
leveraged the google ad platform tools. This solution was an augmented reality base project let leveraged Microsoft PixelSense hardware to create an immersive experience


Hertz Car Rentals

We developed a unique, traveling, interactive exhibit to showcase the new Hertz 24/7 hourly car rental service. The experience
was part of a larger national marketing effort to tell a new Hertz story. We built multiple applications using multi-touch WPF and HTML5/JavaScript.


We did an FDA security audit for their next generation x-ray device platform.  We reviewed all of their ASP.NET MVC/Web.API
code base and their Angular.JS code to test for vulnerabilities and HIPAA compliance.


We do outsourced DBA services for this software company.  They have eight SQL Servers and 400 databases. A total data size
of 30TB. We do all performance tuning, T-SQL review, cube design, SSRS deployments, and continuous integration

Woodside Homes

Deployed a massive Data Warehouse Solution. Designed and built IT infrastructure, data warehouse schema, Tableau dashboards,
SharePoint integration, SSRS reports, and ETL processes.