Redgate and Crafting Bytes have had a very successful partnership for years. Crafting Bytes is in love with the following Redgate products and can consult and train on them:

  • SQL Compare ~ The defacto leader in comparing schema from one database to another. A great tool for deployment, troubleshooting, and repairing databases. This tool will show you the exact differences between one version of your database an another. It then can generate a script that will update the target database with the changes from the source database. There are command-line prompts that allow you to automate this process as part of a deployment pipeline.
  • SQL Prompt ~ This product is necessary for everyone who calls themselves a SQL Developer. It doesn’t matter if you’re just analyzing data for decision makers, creating reports, creating SSIS packages, or building an amazing mobile application, if you work with SQL data, you need this tool. It integrates with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and/or Visual Studio. It introduces intelli-sense into SQL Statements, auto formatting, easy refactoring, code navigation, and code snippits. As much as C# developers rely on Resharper to do their job, SQL developers rely on SQL Prompt.
  • SQL Monitor ~ SQL Monitor does a lot of amazing things, but the most important thing it does is snapshot a history of exactly how your SQL Server is running during all hours. Inexplicable slowdown at 2:30pm? Someone reports an application was unusable at 4am? SQL Monitor will tell you the queries that were running, the hardware performance counters, and the likely cause of the issue. If setup correctly, SQL Monitor will alert you as the problem is happening, before the users have a chance to tell you. It also includes a great history, so you can determine when you need to fix something or upgrade before the problem actually occurs.
  • SQL Source Control and SQL CI/CD (also known as SQL DLM Automation) ~ This might be the most important toolset that Crafting Bytes consults on for Redgate. The database is notoriously difficult to put in a CI/CD environment. It’s rarely under source control. There are a variety of reasons for this, and the Redgate tools solve all of the issues. These tools will help you put your database in your deployment process so that database deployments are repeatable, error-free (or at least have much fewer errors), and fast. When deployments are painless, they tend to happen much more frequently, which is a good thing for both developer and user.
  • SQL Search ~ This is a free tool from Redgate. It allows the user to quickly search the schema and navigate for keywords across all databases. You have a report with an address field and you’re wondering what database it came from? SQL Search will tell you all columns, stored procedures, views, and functions that have address in the name or content anywhere. It’s a phenomenal tool that makes life much easier.

Crafting Bytes can use these tools to help your team be more effective SQL Developers. In particular, we can use DLM Automation to help you put the database in your deployment process.

Ike Ellis is a Friend of Redgate. He speaks on conferences, gives SQLSaturday talks, trains, consults, advises their product team, and does videos for their youtube channel.

In addition, Ike Ellis is excited to be speaking at Redgate SQL in the City 2018 in London.