How We Can Help

Modern Web Development

We build web applications, web sites, Single Page Applications (SPA), and web services. We’ve been doing this for years and years. We are continually honing our craft and can help guide you through the modern web development world. Click above to learn more.

User Experience and Design

Even the most well crafted software is lacking without a focus on user experience. We employ a terrific UX Designer, and if more design work is needed, we’ve partnered with a fantastic studio. Click above to learn more.

Mobile Application Development

We’ve moved beyond creating just iPhone applications. We’ve written projects for all three mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Products we’ve made are in use on warehouse floors, sales floors, call centers, and homes. They are using iPads, Android tablets, XBox devices, Roku, and Windows Surface. Nearly every project we take on has some sort of mobile component. Click above to learn more.

Data Architecture and Development

No matter the size, your data is important to us. We eat, drink, and breathe data. We’ve created mobile dashboards, terabyte data warehouses, and traveled the world presenting on data architecture and data modeling. We can create useful dashboards, simple and vibrant reports, or any other data visualization you need. If you have data that you need delivered to the right person, at the right time, and with clear visualizations, you’ve come to the right place. Crafting Bytes can help explain the world of Big Data and the cloud. Click above to learn more.

Application Lifecycle Management

We practice software craftsmanship. We believe in unit testing, effective use of source control, testing, continuous delivery, testing, proper coding standards, and testing. Did we mention testing? We also have a unique practice of implementing the full ALM stack in the database, something that’s traditionally been difficult to do. Click above to learn more.

Outsourced DBA Services

We use tooling and standards to manage hundreds of databases. It takes us about 4 hours to manage one production Microsoft SQL Server. If you don’t need a full-time DBA, perhaps we can do the work for you. Click above to learn more.