Microsoft SQL Server Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning for On-Premise SQL Servers, SQL Servers in an Azure VM, and Azure SQL Databases

Microsoft SQL Server performs great! Except when it doesn’t. How many times have customers come to use with one or more of the following statements:

“It was fast yesterday, but not it’s just slogging along.”

“We didn’t change anything, but now all of our applications are just slow.”

“How can we get warned before we have performance problems so we can fix it early?”

“We about to acquire a new company. Can we make sure our SQL Server can handle all the new data?”

Our Crafting Bytes BIG Consultants can help you by doing the following things:

  • Examine your SQL Server and look at all the interacting components.
  • Review your SQL Server and its waits and queues.
  • Examine your disk and network I/O and perform performance testing.
  • Ensure your data files for user databases and TempDB are configured correctly.
  • Look at the activity of your server with an eye towards concurrency, transactions, isolation levels and locking.
  • Identify and fix query plan issues.
  • Examine and optimized Query Plan Cache.
  • Effectively use Extended Events without adding a load on the target server.
  • Create a more robust data collection strategy related to performance tuning.
  • Identify and diagnose bottlenecks to improve overall performance.
  • Examine your Azure SQL Database configuration to insure proper indexing, transactions, isolation levels, and locking.