Hedgehog mouth tumor - ­čží Please pray for my hedgehog, Zero, who has a tumor. : PrayerRequests

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Tumor hedgehog mouth Oral masses

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Tumor hedgehog mouth Pet Hedgehog

Tumor hedgehog mouth Hedgehog Tumors

Tumor hedgehog mouth Hedgehog Tumors

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Diseases and treatment of pet hedgehogs (Proceedings)

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Tumor hedgehog mouth Hedgehog Cancer

Hedgehog Tumors

Tumor hedgehog mouth Please pray

GANT61 Reduces Hedgehog Molecule (GLI1) Expression and Promotes Apoptosis in Metastatic Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells

To date, there has been no histologic evidence of a viral or autoimmune cause.

  • Although African hedgehogs are bred commercially for the pet trade, their behavior remains that of non-domesticated animals.

  • Note that oral tumors are extremely common in hedgehogs.

From all I researched at the time, average recurrence for mammary tumours is 8 months and death by a year.

  • During the treatment period, the cage is lined with paper that is changed daily.

  • Unfamiliar sounds or movements will often cause a hedgehog to assume its defensive posture.

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