Who We Are

    Software Development Studio:

  • Modern Web Development
  • User Experience and Design
  • Mobile Application Development
    Business Intelligence Consultants:

  • Power BI Dashboard Creation
  • Big Data Solutions
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report Creation
  • ETL Development
  • Azure HDInsight Consulting
  • Azure SQL Server Data Warehouse Design and Creation
  • Microsoft SQL Server Performance Tuning
  • Data Lake Analytics Design


We find that the world of software development and BI Solutions are crowded with a lot of noise. Somewhere along the way, solving customer problems was lost as our one true directive and replaced with platform evangelism, buzz words, and pet technologies. At Crafting Bytes in San Diego we are here to quiet that noise and refocus the efforts of technical artisans and craftsmen on solving your business problem. Crafting Bytes is about building software and creating data-centered solutions that lighten your load and calm your business.