Who We Are

Crafting Bytes is a San Diego-based software studio.  We take in projects and requirements and deliver software to you under your deadline.  We’ve worked with dozens of organizations and have been successfully delivering software for 20 years.

Crafting Bytes has several unique characteristics:

  • We answer our phone, email, and everything else.  We consider client communication to be our main strength.
  • We write code the right way.  We abhor technical debt, so we do all we can to pay it off when we see it accruing.  We actively use source control, write tests, and adhere to all best practices.  We are constantly learning and discovering new practices that help us deliver high quality projects at a fast pace.
  • We are committed to staying a small studio.  Crafting Bytes is owned by three developers who have been long-time friends.  We never want to get so large that we aren’t writing code every single day.
  • We are technology agnostic.  We’ve delivered projects in .NET, Java, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, and native mobile applications.  We’ve started new projects, taken on existing projects, and augmented existing teams.  We just love writing software and are not zealous about any particular operating system or technology stack.

Crafting Bytes is about building software and creating solutions that lighten your load and calm your business.